Will God forgive us if we keep sinning over and over? “

I am new into blogging and this is my first post. I am 18 and have realized something great in life that I’d like to share with you guys .

We all are humans, implies we all are sinners and we as Christians know that God always forgives us sinners. But the question is” Will God forgive us if we keep sinning over and over? ”

The answer in my opinion is “Yes, definitely! ” and this isn’t coming out of me just like that. In the bible we see in the chapters Joshua and Judges..that Israelites sinned over and over, and our great and compassionate God always kept saving them and giving them victory from their enemies in mighty ways.

And that surely doesn’t mean that you Can sin and ask for forgiveness..there will be a punishment. And one day we will have to answer as to why we made those mistakes knowing that you shouldnt do it.

So my dear friends..all I would like to say is.. it doesn’t matter if you have asked God for forgiveness and have sinned again. It is never too late to return to our beloved father who loved us so much.

Have a blessed week.